A Swimming Vacation in the Acadian Peninsula

Last year, I planned a vacation to actually stay in New Brunswick. For myself, I call New Brunswick the “passing through” province.  I have passed through Its well forested countryside so many times but never remained. I was either vacationing in PEI or travelling to see relatives in Nova Scotia.

Strangely, I had not been that interested initially in going, but I knew if I passed by the summer without travel plans I would be regretting it. I went through the motions of booking places to stay without much enthusiasm. I concentrated my efforts only on the Acadian Peninsula. I just visited beaches. I kind of go crazy in the summer. I want to be swimming. Lakes, rivers, ocean. But outdoors.  Sure, I’ll do the backyard pool, yet it never satisfies.  I swam in the waters around Caraquet, Le Goulet, and off Lameque and Miscou Islands searching out the best spots I could find. (I still must continue) I loved them all but returned to this beach called Val Comeau. I was the happiest of dolphins there and the busiest of beachcombers. I concluded the trip by visiting a coworker who had a cottage on the other side of New Brunswick in Riviere Verte. I was buzzing with energy from my New Brunswick holiday!

While on vacation I had received an email from a realty search website. It informed me that there was an affordable house for sale outside Ottawa.  It preoccupied me the whole trip. I drove home pondering this. I realized whether this piece of real estate worked out or not, the email meant something. I wanted to move! I needed to get out of the basement! As I breezed along on the highway going home,  I shouted out loud to myself. I’M MOVING. I DON’T KNOW WHERE. AND I DON’T KNOW WHEN. BUT I’M MOVING! I believe this set an unbelievable momentum for all that followed.