I believe I have lost a language.

I want to speak the ART language I forgot.

I want to speak in GLASS. And I want light to shine through my words.

I hope one day I will not need to translate.

I want to add art-speak to science-says and discover what emerges. Leave rule keeping and statistical coercion.

I want to feel the colour.

I want to play in the sandbox.

What is yellow whispering in my ear? Is yellow really the colour of fear?

I want to write the biography of blue;
the glorious ceiling I live under, watching with awe the cloud-changes above.

I contemplate the pressure of green emoting spring.

I believe joy should be ordinary. And wonder mandatory.

Anticipating California poppy orange, I want to wake up to unseen purple faith.

I believe red can be the colour of tears, as I struggle to be here.

I believe black is the colour of determination through the night time.

Roll in the wintery crystal that magnifies the Light!

And wonder at the Wonder.


In everything I do I am looking for the motivation to keep on living….
I believe that we are supposed to live life wide awake with inquisitiveness, anticipation and enthusiasm like the children we once were.
I find this motivation each day when I give myself the time to experience awe
In the magnificence of Nature:
The vistas of the sky…
The panoramas of the landscape…
The miniature worlds underneath my microscope…
I find it when I remember what I did naturally as a child with no prodding or persuasions and when I allow myself to be as curious as my child self would have me be.