Living in a Baby Blue Egg Carton

baby blue egg carton Rue RobichaudI love my little house. I am always saying that to myself. I often say it out loud to the house when I arrive home from errands and trips.  I love living here. I love walking to Ile aux Foin. What a privilege! I love sitting on the front steps to eat my lunch in all the seasons. Even on the coldest winter days, with the south facing porch,  it is very warm midday!

As of this past January I have been here 1 year. The house has seen many changes. New windows. New roof. New water system. New hot and cold water tanks. All the new outside insulation was nailed in place very late in October/early November. So far it is warmer in the house than last year. There wasn’t quite enough time to finish all the exterior siding. The house has its underwear on but no clothes!  So I tell people I am living in the baby blue egg carton on Rue Robichaud. The house and I are waiting eagerly for spring when the new pine siding will be installed!

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