Gignac de Neguac House

There once was a man named Gignac,

who bought a house in Neguac.

People always asked “Where???”

with a weird little stare.
I answered, in New Brunswick, by the ocean.

People also asked “Why?”

Do you know my reply?

To make art and live under the open sky!

I purchased the house in October of 2018. The coastline in this region recalls some of my childhood years living in Haida Gwaii (then called the Queen Charlotte Islands) on the Pacific coast of British Columbia. The experience living there is embedded in me.

The day I drove into Neguac to see the house for the very first time, I excitedly said the name out loud to myself. Neguac. Such an unusual name. Then I spoke Gignac. Then Neguac, Gignac. Tried Gignac Neguac. At some point Gignac de Neguac emerged. I loved it! A very catchy name for a workshop!

I moved to snowy! Neguac in January 2019 to turn the house into a workshop to make and display the glass art I create. The workshop will be temporarily located in the front of the house until I can put a second level on the garage. Opportunities for the public to make their own glass art are planned too.

Later, there are going to be some rooms for rent so that people can enjoy an experience of art and the landscapes that inspire me. You are welcome to visit!