Energy Rising

Energy Rising

Energy Rising 02I created this piece of art last year after arriving in Neguac. I hadn’t done much art, what with moving and retiring and buying a house a thousand miles away – all of it… I hadn’t named the art either which is usually the case. The art starts. It flows out of me. I wrestle with the shapes and patterns. It is finished.

A year later :
I hung the piece up last week in my new window. Contemplating it. How should I name it?
Definitely something energetic about the piece! “Energy arising” arrived to me.

It is so interesting to me this art naming. I used to worry about it. I used to wonder about it. Why on earth do I create with the colors and shapes and patterns I do? And it all is intimately connected to my life experiences. It is amazing to me how everything is connected!

The irony is that in these very transitions I have been making – a “New” Brunswick life by the ocean, a new house, new friends, new everything in fact – transitions to bring me energy, I struggle with having the very energy I need.

It has been almost frightening how low my energy has been these last few days. Yet yesterday, a Sunday afternoon drive with friends and walking a new beach revived me. They also reminded me of the adrenaline I have been living on and the time I still need to adjust to this new way of life. Time Louis. Slow Louis.

Gratitude abounds! It is all worth the joyous struggle.

A piece of art called Energy Rising is foreshadowing the future.